Become A Runner, Part 4: Types of Runs

As a new runner, any miles you run help you improve, but as you gain more experience, you learn the importance of different types of runs.

16 Aug, 2019


Become A Runner, Part 3: Get The Right Shoes

Don’t just go into the store and buy the fanciest kicks that catch your eye; opt for footwear that will enhance your running experience.

15 Aug, 2019


Become A Runner, Part 2: Breathing Techniques

If you can’t talk while you’re running, you’re probably not breathing well and you’re probably going too fast

14 Aug, 2019


Become A Runner, Part 1: Proper Running Form

Here’s what you need to know about good running form, including what’s worth paying attention to if you’re a recreational runner

13 Aug, 2019


Race Review: San Francisco Marathon

As with other major cities, the San Francisco marathon is an adrenaline-filled, non-touristy way to see a ton of sights in a few hours.

24 Jul, 2019


Are you ready to start training for the first 5K race?

Reaching the finish line of first 5k race will ignite the start of a whole new active lifestyle.

23 Jul, 2019


Regular strength training is essential for runners of any kind

When race preparation is planned to include phases of general strengthening, such as running-specific strengthening, running fitness can be maximized.

07 Jun, 2019


How to run comfortably if you are a natural introvert

A running group where people are expected to talk to each other would be mentally exhausting for a natural introvert

31 May, 2019


How to keep your running motivation consistent

Running motivation can come in different forms when the finish line isn’t in sight–new running shoes, a new training plan, or even joining a running club.

30 May, 2019


Enhance your marathon training schedule by running treadmill

It is definitely not impossible to train for races utilizing both the treadmill and the great outdoors.

27 May, 2019


What to bring to the starting line

This is my recommended checklist of what to bring with you to the starting line.

24 May, 2019


What to consider when buying running shoes?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to running shoes. The perfect shoe for me, may not feel the same to you.

20 May, 2019