Frequent Asked Questions

What is Longraces?

Longraces is a global marathon community. Including following main features:

  • Discover running events
  • Discover running guides
  • Discover traning programs
  • Connect other runners
  • Bookmark what you cares about

Can I edit my profile?

Yes. Changing your profile options lets you control how others see you and your profile. These settings include things like:

  • Display name
  • Email address
  • Profile picture
  • Cover picture
  • About You

Minimum age requirement

You need to be at least 13 to use Longraces. We do our best to describe how Longraces works as clearly as possible, but some concepts in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service aren’t easy to explain to children. We want everyone who uses Longraces to understand what they’re consenting to, so we won’t allow anyone under 13 to create a Longraces account.

Spam on Longraces

Spammers sometimes create listings with misleading links or follow you hoping you'll visit their profile and click on their posts. The technology we use to fight it gets better every day, but it's possible you'll come across spam while using Longraces.

You don't need to worry if you see spam on Longraces or if a spammy account follows you please report it to us and we'll take a look.