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26 Feb, 2019 • by Admin

I had six weeks to prepare myself physically but most importantly mentally. Both the process and the race itself taught me a couple of valuable lessons.

For most people the idea of waking up at 5am to run a half marathon doesn’t sound very appealing. I totally agree with the waking up early part, it sucks, but the running part is actually pretty fun.

Before running my first half, this past April, the most I had ever ran before that was nine miles. That may or may not seem like a lot to you, depending if you’re a runner, but at the time that was my all time high. Running a half was always on my bucket list, but I just never got around to it. From all the excuses I used the biggest one of them was the fear of committing.

I knew once I committed to it then I had no choice but to go through with it. I figured I only needed to run four more miles than my personal record so how hard could that be? Well I was about to find out.

I decided that the Hollywood Half Marathon, where a celebrity sighting was a possibility, was the perfect opportunity to finally cross it off the bucket list. I didn’t allow myself to think twice, grabbed my credit card and signed up. It was a done deal. I would be running 13.1 miles one way or another. I had six weeks to prepare myself physically but most importantly mentally. Both the process and the race itself taught me a couple of valuable lessons.

It’s all mental

I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it really is true! The most challenging part of training for my half marathon took place mentally. I convinced myself that I was capable of doing so and doing so under two hours.

So every day that I trained I told myself :

“Today I will be running ___ miles and I will not stop until I get there.” Preparing myself mentally beforehand allowed me to have a tangible goal and run towards it (no pun intended).

So when race day came I told myself again that I would finish the race in less than two hours.

I had literally never ran so fast or far in my life! 13.1 miles of adrenaline running through my body and I finished in 1:55:46!

Doing creates momentum

When you start something and see results its hard to stop. So by starting you are creating momentum that will help you get to your next goal and your next and so on.

During my race I would tell myself

“One more mile and you will be half way done… one more mile and you will be more than half way done… One more mile and then all you need is six more” After a while my body got so used to the pace and the motion that it was hard to stop once I crossed the finished line. All I did was let the momentum carry me one mile at a time.

The importance of having a plan

Two years ago I signed up for a half marathon but got injured so wasn’t able to run it.

Besides losing $100+ I was mostly just upset at myself for not putting a plan into place.

Why did I think that I could just wing it and prepare for it whenever I had the chance? Next thing I knew I had 2 weeks to train so I pretty much set myself up for an injury.

This year it was different though. I learned from my mistake and made sure to have a proper training plan in place. I gave myself 6 weeks to train, stuck to the plan, and got results.

You’re never going to be ready

Most of the time impulse buys aren’t the best idea but they can be at times.

Over thinking is a real problem that too many of us are prone to so sometimes being impulsive is actually a good thing. If I would have waited until I was more “conditioned “or the “right” race came along then I’m not sure I would have ever ran it.

We need to get over our analysis paralysis and just do!

So go-ahead just sign up for that half marathon! Or go for the full! Start your own business. Start writing on medium. Start. Start. Start.

Like I said, you’re never going to be fully ready. The only way you will feel ready is with experience and you cant get experience if you don’t actually do the thing you’re trying to get experience in.


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