Race Review: Abbott World Majors TCS New York City Marathon

28 Apr, 2019 • by Admin

This race is the most thrilling event! I had a blast with millions of spectators cheering me on! The kindness of all of the New Yorkers is amazing.

With Central Park as the finish line, the daunting and exhilarating TCS New York City Marathon takes runners on a 26 mile flight through New York's five boroughs. The largest marathon in the world, with over 50,000 finishers, the TCS Marathon is considered one of the world major marathons for long-distance. Held since 1970 on the first Sunday of November, it's huge popularity with professionals and amateurs alike mean that there is a lottery system that determines participation- it gets more applicants than it can handle. The glory isn't limited to adults, either: TCS runs a much (much) shorter version of the Marathon for kids, so they can have fun with fitness and participate too.

My Rating

This was my first time running NYC 2018. It was a special race and a great experience. There’s so much energy in the City. The pre race transportation is excellent. There were plenty of aid stations.

Came into the run terrified about under training, dubious about the weather and uncertain how I felt about New York and fell in love with the city, the people and the entire event. The run was a total blast, even waiting in the athletes village before was made comfortable by great availability of food, warm items, friendly smiles and free hats. The most difficult part was finding my way on the train in the morning- a free train pass and clear instructions would be super.

The crowds were amazing. They cheered their hearts out, not just for the elites, but for everyone! So many people were jumping up and down screaming like it's the World Series. And all the kids (and even a few dogs) lined along the streets with hands (paws) out for high fives. All the volunteers, workers and even law enforcement that were so kind, patient and encouraging. After the finish, the volunteers that places the ponchos on the shivering runners have been described as angels. And runners from all around the world - huge groups of them, many of them proudly wearing their country's flags. And the strangers on the street greeting and congratulating you.

My favorite part of the course was miles 2-13 (Brookyln). The people there rocked out. Church choirs brought Mass outside to sing. Well-assembled bands set up at gas stations or wherever they could find room. Random drunk people held up inappropriate signs, mostly about Donald Trump. This type of mixed turnout was also true for most of the other bouroughs, but none like Brooklyn. I anticipated Manhattan being the craziest, but in fairness to its spectators, Brooklyn seemed to have a lot less security and didn't care as much if people stepped over the sidewalks into the road. At one point I felt like I was running in a single lane with everyone around me reaching out for high fives.

After crossing the line, a medal is given to you and then the foil blankets are handed out as well a bit further down. I strongly advise you to take it, no matter how hot you are - another dude and I were the only ones I could see who didn't accept it, and I got super, duper cold as I walked to get my poncho (you have the option of doing bag check, or a poncho, seems poncho is the way to go so that you can get out of the park faster with less walking).

My ratings are: Course: 5/5, Fans: 5/5, Management: 5/5


  • Start: Staten Island Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, NY, United States
  • Finish: Tavern On the Green, New York, NY, United States
  • Highlights: Prospect Park, Queensboro Bridge, Ave. Bridge, Willis Street Bridge, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Central Park



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