Why should one run/participate in a marathon?

25 Apr, 2019 • by Admin

It’s not just the satisfaction which you feel after the marathon. Your body responds to the runs - ‘The runner’s high’ due to the endorphins released.

When the recreational running scene exploded in the 1970s and through the early 2000s, the marathon was considered the ultimate goal in running. For some it was about just finishing, but for many it was running as fast as possible and continually striving to improve.

If you're new to running, or new to marathons, you might be intimidated by the distance. Yes, 26.2 miles is a long way, but more people are taking on the challenge each year. Need convincing that you should run a marathon? Whether it’s been on your bucket list for a while, or you have recently been inspired to enter one, here are top reasons why you should run a marathon.

Get Fit

Training for 26.2 miles will help increase your endurance. It will help make your heart stronger, improve circulation, and strengthen your muscles. You will probably also see mental improvements as well, such as feeling less stress, being more upbeat, and experiencing the "runner's high" on a regular basis.

Meet New People

Running at a marathon is a great opportunity to meet new, great people. Lasting friendships can be found in the most unexpected places sometimes. If you ever feel lonely, there’s one more reason to sign up and experience the local marathon.

Of course, it will be easier to integrate yourself into the runners’ community if you’re going with a friend, but most marathoners are extremely friendly with each other, especially to the newcomers. You’re going to spend a lot of hours with these people during your training sessions, so why not practice your social skills and make new friends at the same time.

Exlore The World

If you love to travel, marathon running is a great excuse to visit a new city or country. You'll get to see a lot of the local area in the race and may even be able to score discounted marathon runner rates on hotel rooms.

You always find excuses not to spend money to see the world. But throw in a marathon and you have given yourself a reason to check out small pockets you never would have allowed yourself to go to before.

Sense of Accomplishment

There's nothing more rewarding than accomplishing a large goal you set. Running a marathon is one of the largest physical challenges you can set for yourself. Most marathoners equate the day they finished their first marathon with other special day, like their wedding or the birth of their child(ren). It doesn't matter if you finish last. You are still a marathoner and are part of an elite club of people that have completed 26.2 miles.

New Experience

A marathon experience is one like no other. Yes, it’s hard work, gruelling, and at times excruciatingly painful, but remember it is fun and you get to do something you haven’t done before. A marathon can be a rollercoaster of emotions, both during training and one race day, but come the finish line that feeling of success will be one like you’ve never had before. While you may swear afterwards ’never again’, it’s likely that one marathon may well lead to many more.

Fundraise Money for Charity

Running for a charity cause is also a significant reason why many people run marathons. To run the 26.2 miles is a tremendous achievement, but to do it for charity makes it doubly rewarding. Knowing that you are running for charity provides extra motivation, both during the training phase and on the day, as you simply won’t want to let your charity down or your fundraising supporters.

Gain the confidence

After you’ve logged a 20-miler, you’ll feel like you can conquer the world. Your running confidence will surely overflow into other areas of your life, such as work and relationships.

The person who starts a marathon is not the same person who finishes a marathon. It’s true that the marathon will change you and you’ll be a different person when you finish the race. You’ll forever know that you have the mental and physical strength to persevere, even during times when you think you can’t and won’t succeed.


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