Should you listen to music while running?

Do you listen to music while running or exercising? There are pros and cons to turning up the audio when you’re working out.

15 May, 2019


Some tips to keep in shape over the winter

The winter months can be a challenging time to stick to an exercise plan.

13 May, 2019


Why hill running is a game changer for marathoner

One of the simplest and most time-efficient ways to improve your running is by including a regular hill session in your training.

12 May, 2019


How to avoid getting sick before the race day

There’s certainly a good chance it might happen and its in your best interest to do everything you can to try to prevent it

08 May, 2019


I’m running harder but I’m not speeding up

Whether you run for fun or to stand atop the podium, increasing your speed is a goal you’re likely to aspire to

07 May, 2019


Why are recovery runs so important?

If you’re running more than three times a week, you should be doing recovery runs

06 May, 2019


Unfortunately there are many mistakes you can make running on a treadmill

This is especially important for a beginner so you can start your running career well

05 May, 2019


Have you ever thought of running as a mindfulness practice?

Be fully present where you are: in the woods, on the sidewalk, or on the treadmill.

05 May, 2019


How to change from an average into a Boston qualified runner

Your development really depends on numerous factors, such as your level of experience, age, and gender.

03 May, 2019


Good habits to improve your marathon running efficiency

It doesn’t matter how determined you are, without good habits it will be difficult to fulfil your potential as a runner.

02 May, 2019


Most common training mistakes for morning runners

Making mistakes during your morning run can have a real impact on your performance and health

28 Apr, 2019


Marathon runners consider yoga to improve their performances

Believe it or not, yoga has become the norm for athletes to incorporate it into their training schedules, especially for recovery.

26 Apr, 2019