Are you ready to start training for the first 5K race?

Reaching the finish line of first 5k race will ignite the start of a whole new active lifestyle.

23 Jul, 2019


Regular strength training is essential for runners of any kind

When race preparation is planned to include phases of general strengthening, such as running-specific strengthening, running fitness can be maximized.

07 Jun, 2019


How to run comfortably if you are a natural introvert

A running group where people are expected to talk to each other would be mentally exhausting for a natural introvert

31 May, 2019


How to keep your running motivation consistent

Running motivation can come in different forms when the finish line isn’t in sight–new running shoes, a new training plan, or even joining a running club.

30 May, 2019


Enhance your marathon training schedule by running treadmill

It is definitely not impossible to train for races utilizing both the treadmill and the great outdoors.

27 May, 2019


What to consider when buying running shoes?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to running shoes. The perfect shoe for me, may not feel the same to you.

20 May, 2019


Running in the rain is a different experience

The key is you’re going to get wet, stay warm and safe, and remember to change out of your wet clothes as soon as you finish your run.

19 May, 2019


Top 10 motivation quotes will definitely inspire you through marathon training

Perhaps the biggest challenge of running is not our bodies but our mental state.

18 May, 2019


Some tips to keep in shape over the winter

The winter months can be a challenging time to stick to an exercise plan.

13 May, 2019


Why hill running is a game changer for marathoner

One of the simplest and most time-efficient ways to improve your running is by including a regular hill session in your training.

12 May, 2019


How to maintain muscle mass while training marathon

It’s frequently reported that you can either gain muscle or do distance running, but the two simply can’t be done together. While I fully agree that they can’t be done at the same time

05 Mar, 2019